Commercial/Industrial Services

Commercial Service

Commercial/Industrial Services

Asphalt Paving & Repair Services

Enhance the appeal of your commercial property or update the functionality and quality of your industrial space with paving services from Metro Asphalt. Whether it’s a full removal and replace project or patch work for worn out areas of your property, we will work with every client to provide our knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

Metro Asphalt uses the most up to date equipment and vehicles to ensure our fleets are cutting edge and keeping up with industry standards. We use only high quality materials to prevent early deterioration and ensure the longevity of your new asphalt surface through all weather conditions. We specialize in a variety of commercial and industrial paving services including Full Parking Lot removal and instillation, Patch Repair, Ramps, Walkways and much more.

Interlocking Stone & Retaining Wall Services

Working with a variety of customers, including business owners, property managers and large corporations, we focus on efficiency and quality to get the job done right and on time. Interlocking stone has the ability to update the appeal of any commercial or industrial space and create a welcoming environment for customers and clients.

With over 25 years of experience, Metro Asphalt offers a variety of custom Interlocking, stone and Retaining Wall services to enhance and maintain your property.

  • Parking Lots
  • Walkways
  • Staircases
  • Stone Re-Leveling and Repair
  • Foundation/Driveway Retaining Walls
  • Pool/Common Areas

Concrete Services

The installation of concrete can easily change any commercial & industrial property while adding durable functionality for many years to come. Our experienced crew has over 25 years of experience in concrete forming, installation and maintenance.

Allow us to use our experience and expertise to offer a variety of concrete services and solutions to enhance your property. We offer:

  • Curbs
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Ramps… And much more!

Catch Basin/Manhole Repair & Replacement Services

Metro Asphalt specializes in commercial and industrial catch basin and manhole repairs /replacement. Catch basin’s and manholes are part of the sewer drain system of any property to catch debris and allow water flow throughout the property. The most common issues businesses and property owner’s encounter with catch basin and manholes are:

  • Sinking below grade.
  • Raising above grade.
  • Collapsing of Concrete Basin/ Broken Drain Pipe.
  • Damaged asphalt surrounding the catch basin.
  • Broken grates or frames.

Let our specialized team assess the damage and create a plan to either repair or replace your catch basin fast and efficiently.

Hot Rubberized Crack Repairs

As durable as asphalt can be, time and environmental factors eventually cause damage and deterioration to asphalt surfaces. A fast and inexpensive solution to repair and extend the life of an asphalt surface is to apply a hot rubberized sealant to cracks in the pavement ranging from ¼” to 1” wide.

Metro Asphalt specializes at crack repairs using hot rubber and sealants. We utilize a pavement crack router which routes out the crack with carbine tipped cutter blades over the crack, and creates a reservoir into the crack.

Once the route is complete, we clean out all loose debris and dry out the moisture in the cracks with a hot air lance. It provides a flame, and a high velocity compressed hot air generating temperature more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit for faster and thorough drying. Our approach includes depth cut, blow and fill.

Snow Removal Services

Metro Asphalt offers full service snow removal for your commercial/industrial property. We utilize all up to date equipment and trained crews to get your property ready for business during the winter season. Regardless of the severity of the weather, you can count on our team to get the job done right and on time. We sit down with each client to tailor a snow removal package that fits your needs and budget.

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